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January 26, 2013
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The New World WIP by Kvlticon The New World WIP by Kvlticon
I'm the king of unfinished work, but I completely redid the background. I've had enough of devastated urban environments, so nature is a bit of a break from all that.

Ideally I want to do a concept for some of the smaller exoskeletons that are in the background.

Armor classes: siege, sunder, heavy, medium, light
Primary use - anti-armor, anti-air
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Rosalind-WT Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Try Pacific Ram!
Kvlticon Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
I haven't seen the movie yet, though I have heard good things about it. One day I could do some fanart of that.
jonyshulz Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
the mecha looks like a Gekko from MGS4.....awesome
Kvlticon Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
Googled some images of those. Having trouble really finding any substantial similarities.
jonyshulz Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
oh i didnt mean it like you copied it or anything, dont hit me!! :)
Kvlticon Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
No not at all, but I took a thorough look to see what was familiar and what wasn't. So far I can only say that the turret of the gekko has slight similarities to the upper assembly of my design, but they are only superficial, as their weaponry and accessories are mounted quite differently. 

Even if I stripped the guns and launchers off both mech designs, their base structures are highly divergent. For one, the gekko's  primary turret is connected with a relatively thin pivot, which is absent from my design. Also note the way the legs and hips on the gekko are constructed - the gekko has extra hardware and joints.
ADVENTSEND Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013
This is awesome, I'm not usually a fan of mechs with no hands, but those gatling cannons are perfect
ArchaicKeeper Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
+1 to also loving this mech's concept. Fusing the likeness of an aircraft with that of a walking platform looks outstandingly executed in my opinion. And the title says "WIP" so you're not even intentionally done yet haha.

The setup with those rotary cannons, (assuming) ATGMs and SAMs are wicked. However pardon my possible ignorance but what do you mean to imply with "sunder" 1.) being bolded, 2.) it being listed amongst others under the category "Armor Classes", and 3.) its meaning?
1.) & 2.) Is assuming that this platform is a "sunder" class of armored walker within your series and/ or (a) universe's lore correct?
3.) The definition of sunder involves "parting", "dividing", and "breaking", so in this sense is the term suppose to imply that this platform plays an important psychological role on the battlefield [besides ruining anyone on the receiving end's day]? Or am I looking at it from a wrong perspective?

Also, might we see additional variants of this platform? [So many possibilities!] And what might that object be slung under the transport in the background? Looks like it might be a large armored fighting/ command vehicle..?

Anyways cheers! Thanks ahead of time for any time spent answering the above questions; look forward to seeing the possible exoskeleton concept(s).
Kvlticon Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
Your guess is good. Sunder is an ambiguous and informal term for armored walkers that are too large to be classed as heavy, yet far too small to be classed as siege. However, they can deliver far more ordnance than the armor class below them, heavy. While a heavy frame is comparable to a main battle tank, a sunder frame alone is capable of delivering the firepower of an entire artillery battery.

For reference, a siege class walker would basically be a full size battleship on legs (The best way to relate to this would be the arms forts from Armored Core: For Answer, such as the Spirit of the Motherwill - well, maybe not THAT big, but here's an image [link]

A siege example would be the machine in this background - notice how tall it stands against the horizon.

Back to this sunder frame, you'll notice the scale of the canopy is relatively diminutive compared to the bore diameter of its main cannons - which would most likely chamber 155mm shells. Despite being a three barrel chaingun design, the main purpose of the multiple barrels is to divide heat buildup, as opposed to facilitating extremely rapid rates of fire. Heavy class armor wouldn't fire anything larger than 105mm, which would most likely be delivered through a single cannon - any multiple barrel gun setup wouldn't employ anything bigger than 30mm. Medium frames (there's one in the picture to the right) only employ grenades, rockets, and heavy machinegun cartridges, while a light frame is really just a minimalist exoskeleton that increases the load bearing capacity of an infantryman - it will not employ anything bigger than conventional infantry arms.

As for variants, I might take a stab at making a twin rotor "skimmer" design, though I think those types will largely be reserved for smaller armor classes.

Granted my universe (in its entirety) is very, very complicated at this stage. This is only a slice of it - it spans various topics from dark fantasy to scifi stuff. Odds are it'll take me a decade or two before I have enough writing and art to explain a good chunk of it
ArchaicKeeper Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
Ah, well that makes utterly perfect sense for classifications. The descriptions are solid it would seem.

However, to add to the clarification is that medium frame to the right and in general a humanoid walker housing an individual in a cockpit? Or a soldier clad in what is akin to powered armor? (If that is a person underneath much/ all of the frame [i.e. (mostly) head to toe] then proportionally I think that throws the image off.)

Variant/ Weapon System wise some ideas I have (if you hopefully don't mind) for this Sunder class frame include:
[NOTE_1: Until otherwise noted, hard-points I'll use for easy reference compare to the rotary cannons being arm mounted, box weapons being shoulder mounted, and SAM turret being roof mounted.]
[NOTE_2: while to be specified as needed most of the below ideas would replace what is already mounted on one or both hard-points (depending on loadout).]

- Arm mounted multipurpose guided cruise missiles. Enclosed tubes [maybe either cylindrical or hexagonal] are angled upward on the release side to let the missile gain altitude if needed [possibly firing in a manner like the real world Javelin].
- Arm mounted flame thrower [w/ fuel tank maybe mounted behind the platform's torso area].
- Arm mounted chainsaw (for your vegetation clearing needs; it could be mounted alongside the flame thrower among other weapons).

- Angled-Front-Top-panel mounted small caliber rotary cannon [don't know how best to describe them haha, but the two panels that the trail structure leading to the cockpit is between].
- ^-^-^-panel mounted mortar/ grenade launcher.
- ^-^-^-panel mounted VLS mini-missile launcher [x2 if one is mounted in each panel].

- Shoulder mounted 30mm or 40mm auto-cannon(s) [maybe an over-under design, so possibly x2].
- Shoulder mounted 120mm [or larger; the premise is to function as a sniper] rail-cannon/ coil gun.
- Shoulder mounted Thruster pod x2 [replacing both mounted boxed weapons] (It seems reasonable that some armament could be sacrificed to allow for this frame to be dropped from moderate heights in a planet's atmosphere for rapid reaction and surgical strikes, yes? It could also potentially gain the ability to hop short distances. And in agreement with your thought on "skimmer" types being more-so for smaller ones I think it would be difficult to lift this frame with mounted rotors.)
- Going off the above thoughts, a large unmanned three or four rotored craft could clamp onto the frame with winches or appendages to relocate it, thus not removing weapon systems when more conventional airborne mobility is suitable/ adequate enough.

- Roof mounted laser designator/ sensor mount [think that ball turret on an Apache or Predator/ Global Hawk UAV] and radar system.
- Roof mounted short-range energy weapon system w/ back mounted power source.

- Back mounted VLS silos for missiles [possibly arranged in a block of 8x2 with the length running flush along the frames back.

- Also, regarding the legs. Towards the top of the frame's lower limbs on the outer side [the side facing away from the frame's center] could mounted explosive ball bearings or another form of anti-personal deterrence/ defense system. And/ or chaff/ flare launchers aimed skywards.

... Right, umm... so thanks for creating an image that inspired me. Haha. :P
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